Reality sets in…..

It’s officially been a week that we have been on the road.  In one breath it feels like what we have seen and done and felt and learned and experienced couldn’t possibly fit into only one week and in another breath it feels like we’ve been gone for sooooooo long. In the times my heart aches so deeply, it seems like we have been away from “home” for months and months, it’s hard to believe it’s only been 1 week!! Adjusting to this lifestyle is proving to be a bit harder than I thought it would be.  As with everything in life there are so many dualities. I am a person who chooses to see the good and positive in each situation and looks for the opportunity to learn, grow and change.  With that said I have had A LOT of opportunities in one short week lol.  None of the “opportunities” or situations I will share are in any way a complaint because honestly I can already see their importance in my life, but I’m also not willing to only share sunshine and roses because it’s been far from that.


On day two, we pulled into our first camp group in Stone Mountain, Georgia.  It was pretty commercial and not quite the “become one with nature” space I was yearning for, but it had lots of kids and fun stuff to do.  Sienna was thrilled!! It’s an odd thing to be living amongst vacationer’s.  For us this is becoming our life, so there is a pull for me to get in some sort of routine, which is funny in itself because if you asked me a week ago if I liked routine I would have given you a firm HELL NO!!! I am finding that I do like some sort of loose structure.  I definitely don’t like that routine dictated by someone else, and I like the option to be flexible within the structure, but I definitely find a sense of comfort in a routine.  I like to know when I’m going to workout, meditate, do yoga.  Especially since those are the things that feed my body, mind and spirit.  I like having some time set aside to write.  I am struggling to find the time to fit everything in.  There are only a few things I want to accomplish in a day.  Here is my list: cook, eat, clean-up x3, connect with Sienna, do something physical in nature, workout or practice yoga, meditate, write, play, relax. Seems simple enough right? Especially since many of them can over lap…… I’ve yet to master the day that includes them all, but I’m getting closer. The good thing is I have an abundance of time to practice, practice, practice!! There are plenty more items I’d love to add to that short list; connect with others, read, take a nap, connect with myself, swing in a hammock, float down a stream, take a walk under the stars, etc…… I am coming from a place where I woke up very early every day between 5 and 6 am, live my day fully then in bed between 8 and 9 pm.  This has been thrown way off, because when you are living amongst vacationer’s they are usually staying up late, sleeping in, and just kind of doing anything they want because they will be returning to their “real life” and getting “back to their routine’s” in jet a few short days.  All the while we are trying to figure out what is going to work best for us in our new life.  I know this will continue to evolve and unfold as we go and I’d guess when school starts things will change more and the people we encounter will be very different.  For now I’m continuing to understand the practice of balance in life.  Knowing what’s really important to instill as a routine and when it’s good to just let go and be flexible.  Sienna is helping me with these lessons so much.  For her, it’s easy……. Everything is right now.  Whatever is here right now is what’s important and there is no sense wording about anything else.  Man do I have a lot to learn from her!!!
Grocery shopping is another interesting task when you live on the road. For me, I don’t like going to the grocery store! When I think about it I’m not even sure why because I love to cook and I love exploring new items the stores have to offer.  Maybe it’s just my general disdain of shopping period, maybe it’s seeing all the junk major corporations try to pass off as food, maybe it’s the astronomical prices, maybe it’s fighting each and every ridiculous ad campaign that has lured my daughter in on every isle, I’m sure it’s all of that and so much more.  So when I go to the store I usually stock up and try to go as little as possible.  For the last year I have been living in a studio apartment with a “european” fridge, (that’s a mini fridge to most of us).  It’s been fine and there have only been a few occasions where I missed having a full size fridge.  Well, let me tell you, that mini fridge seemed like a walk in cooler compared to the REALLY mini fridge that I am using in the camper.  There is no freezer (which is fine for me) and two tiny shelves for essentials to be kept cold. It works well and keeps things cold, but when I returned from the first shopping excursion, I quickly realized I had overdone it.  So began the juggle of figuring out what was REALLY perishable and what was not.  I took my best guesses and did pretty well, I only had . Note to self, ALWAYS try to park the camper on a flat surface so everything in the fridge doesn’t come tumbling out each time you open it for something.  One morning when I was reaching for the coconut cream for breakfast and everything fell out of the fridge for the 300th time, I just sat on the floor and cried.
It’s so fascinating to see what brings me to tears.  One thing I am committed to doing is letting the tears flow, without judgement, when they come and boy do they come!! Sometimes I just get hit with a massive wave of sadness or feeling overwhelmed and frustrated or questioning this entire idea or just simply missing “home” and then I am quickly reminded that home for us is right here, right now! When I am able to stay right here, right now I am able to connect with the KNOWING that everything is exactly as it needs to be for us to get the fullest experience we possibly can.  It’s fascinating to begin to look at life through the lens of belief that EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING, is an opportunity to learn and grow.  Through the practice of being present in each moment and raising our awareness within each moment we become open to receiving the gifts and unlocking the magic that lives in the pause, the pause between each breath. That delicate pause is only accessed through connecting to the moments that surround the pause….. It’s quite like accessing a secret world by walking through an unmarked portal in a video game, (I don’t actually play video games but my daughter makes this analogy for me when I explain the concept to her).  So I continue to practice connecting and living in the moment and knowing I’m exactly where I need to be.  Somedays are better than others!! The one thing I know is I’m LOVING the opportunities and lessons that I am experiencing so far and look forward to see what comes next………..
Love & Light

2 thoughts on “Reality sets in…..

  1. I’m with you on the time thing…only a week?! Seems more like a month at least. Hope your routine falls into place quickly. Xo


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