Ensure that all local events and activities are communicated in an effective and easy-to-access way.

As technology has taken over, our front porch communities have disappeared and, with them, has gone our ability to communicate amongst our residents. In years past, a tighter social fabric allowed news and events to travel through an informal network with relative ease. Today, that fabric is weakened and stretched; messages get lost and fall away.

Are people more distant? Do they want to be more insular and shut off? The answer is a simple and resounding, “No.” It is incumbent, then, on us to evolve our social fabric to meet their needs. We must develop communication tools and products and leverage the ones we already know are popular to ensure that our methods of communication meet the market demand.

With an improved communications effort, we’ll quickly see our social fabric tighten, our events become more popularized, and a push for more vibrant activities to follow.

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