A series of agri-tourism experiences are built around Fair Oaks traffic.

Fair Oaks Farms have proven to be a flagship in an ever-expanding trend to build agri-tourism experiences. There is no question that, as lives get busier and more challenging in cities, people are becoming more disconnected and more enthralled with the agrarian lifestyle. Our hearty and heart-filling way of life has gone from passe to popular, and we know the secret: we’re doing it just a bit better.

We want to ensure that Fair Oaks is built up and surrounded by a host of tourism experiences that complement and continue the stay of someone spending time here. The agrarian lifestyle expands well beyond the dairy farm, and we’ve certainly got plenty more to show them about our beautiful home.

We’ll develop a plan to create complementary experiences that pull visitors into our towns for a short stay, and convert them for a lifetime.

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