Prosperous Community

Our communities build the capacity to attract, employ, and retain sources of and employers of talent.

What it’s all about

A prosperous community is one in which all its residents have equal opportunity, and incentive, to thrive professionally. In a prosperous community, small businesses are abundant. People both from the area and from afar recognize the counties as a perfect place to set up shop. There are incentives available to help get businesses off the ground. The technology infrastructure is ideal for working either in an office or remotely from home. Innovation thrives. There is a large network of creative and talented professionals to share ideas with, and local entrepreneurial competitions and incentives help them bring those ideas to life. A community this economically abundant is bound to grow as it attracts more professional and driven individuals.

Prosperous Community by the numbers

Vacant homes
$ 20000
Median Income
$ 1000
Median Rent
1 %
Unemployment Rate
Based on estimates from Jan 1, 2023

1. Business Resources

New business startups and small agri-businesses are supported by resources.

In an effort to build a prosperous community, we must evolve to meet the changing needs of our local current and prospective businesses. While the future of our counties is likely to be steeped in agriculture and manufacturing, we must compete for and win the next generation of technology in those fields.

Our communities must build an infrastructure that can support our businesses. This infrastructure includes scalable internet technology to ensure that our businesses can compete in the global economy of instant and microtransactions. The infrastructure must also include localized business services beyond just internet access. We must plan our business environment to accommodate the shipping, supplying, and recruitment needs of small businesses and startups. Even more importantly, we must ensure that we provide resources to those entrepreneurs willing to take a risk on our community.

2. Vocational Training

Students are offered more pathways to trade and vocational training.

In order to build up a talent pool and help our young residents self-actualize, we must build diverse and robust pathways that bridge the chasm between local education and local employment opportunities. While we don’t intend for every kid in our community to stay and set up their life right here, we want to ensure that they have the opportunity to do just that if they wish to. 

We must create programs both inside and outside of the public education system to help students and residents skill up to meet the requirements of local jobs.

Our local employers should be partners in an effort to ensure that job demands are being met, and a healthy and well-trained set of recruits is being groomed to take over the next generation of high-skilled labor in our communities.

3. Agri-Tourism and Fair Oaks

A series of agri-tourism experiences are built around Fair Oaks traffic.

Fair Oaks Farms have proven to be a flagship in an ever-expanding trend to build agri-tourism experiences. There is no question that, as lives get busier and more challenging in cities, people are becoming more disconnected and more enthralled with the agrarian lifestyle. Our hearty and heart-filling way of life has gone from passe to popular, and we know the secret: we’re doing it just a bit better.

We want to ensure that Fair Oaks is built up and surrounded by a host of tourism experiences that complement and continue the stay of someone spending time here. The agrarian lifestyle expands well beyond the dairy farm, and we’ve certainly got plenty more to show them about our beautiful home.

We’ll develop a plan to create complementary experiences that pull visitors into our towns for a short stay, and convert them for a lifetime.

4. Agri-Tech Positioning

Communities are positioned to bolster a burgeoning agritech industry.

Without a commitment to technology, we cannot compete in the global agricultural landscape. With resources like Purdue and Fair Oaks, we are primed to be the epicenter for major agricultural technology progress.

5. Leverage Geography

The community’s technology infrastructure can sustain a modern business.

We must invest in a technology infrastructure that provides our businesses with the internet and technology demanded of them in the modern economy.

6. Technology to Sustain Business

The community’s technology infrastructure can sustain a modern business.

We must invest in a technology infrastructure that provides our businesses with the internet and technology demanded of them in the modern economy.

7. Support for Telecommuters

The communities support more major metro commuters and telecommuters.

The telecommuting lifestyle should be a focus for our future. With advances in tech, we can draw a new population.

8. Incentivize Business Relocation

Tax policy and incentives have been evolved to meet the demands of relocating businesses.

We must draw in new businesses as we dedicate ourselves to their support.

9. Encourage Ag-Investment

Natural resources have been leveraged to create an environment friendly to ag-investment.

Let’s take advantage of our primary resources.v

10. Local Talent in Agriculture

Leverage local talent to focus on innovation in the agricultural economy.

With support in education, we can drive change from within.

11. Access to Quality Pre-K

More parents have access to quality, affordable childcare.

12. Adult Skill-Up Pathways

Adults have pathways for skilling up and advancing their careers.

Our community members deserve access to relevant continuing education opportunities.

13. Access to Quality Healthcare

Residents have access to quality, affordable healthcare options.

In order to ensure a prosperous community, we must commit to a healthy one.

14. Youth Community Commitment

Younger generations feel a sense of commitment to community and career.

15. Government Access and Transparency

Local government provides open access and is held accountable to community metrics.


Build a Coworking Space

The Description

Coworking spaces are becoming more and more popular in big cities. However, they still have a place in rural communities. A coworking space is essentially an office that can be leased out by individuals or small teams to have a place to work. They typically also provide added benefits such as a fitness studio, cafe, or even laundry facilities.

With the increase of people that have been forced to work remotely as a result of COVID-19, people are getting tired of being at home. Now is the perfect time to create a coworking space to cater to those who are ready to get out of the house and start separating their work life from their home life. We would center this in the counties (most likely in Rensselaer) so that it is accessible to everyone.

The Rational

Building a coworking space would provide value to two groups of people. First, it would provide a more welcoming environment for telecommuters. They would be able to get out of their house and network with other community members. Second, it could provide infrastructure and a welcoming environment for small teams looking to start a new business.

The outcomes

Success would be measured by the number of people using the coworking space as well as the revenue generated from membership payments. membership payments.


Small Business

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