A community is nothing without its people. The people who live, work, and raise families here are what makes Jasper and Newton counties special.

Many of the people who live in this area have been here for generations. They’ve inherited farms and small businesses and, due to their passion for the counties, have decided to continue on and start their own roots.

When developing a plan for a community, people are the most important factor to consider. What use is a new community center if no one wants to use it? Why hold a concert with no attendees? It is important to think about the people who live here and meet them where they are. We must provide value to the people of Jasper and Newton counties and consider their unique personalities, needs, and characteristics.

After meeting and speaking with hundreds of community members and personality types, we’ve condensed them down into five unique profiles. While these certainly won’t cover every single person’s unique characteristics, they do a pretty good job of capturing the stories of the majority of residents in Jasper and Newton counties. Looking at these profiles will help us better visualize not only where we are currently as a community but also what life could eventually look like here with a little bit of planning, hard work, and support.

Our Stories

Maggie Sosa

As educator, mom, and wife, Maggie is dialed into the community. She's always looking to expand her work and her role in the community, but it isn't always easy for her to be active and involved here.

Sara Wilmsen

A young, single mother, Sara juggles waitressing, heading back to school, and raising a rural family.

Trevor Boyd

A local farmer with big dreams, Trevor is looking to start an agritech business alongside his successful farm.

Karley Forrester

A recent college graduate and psychologist returning home to start her professional life in Newton County.

Luis Delgado

Proud business owner and prouder papa to 3, Luis tries to keep LanglyWorks right here where it started.

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