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The Description

Coworking spaces are becoming more and more popular in big cities. However, they still have a place in rural communities. A coworking space is essentially an office that can be leased out by individuals or small teams to have a place to work. In Morocco, we propose an all-inclusive, affordable, modern shared co-working space. This space will have six private furnished offices, 24/7 key card building access, high-speed fiber internet, secure WiFi, a modern break room and restrooms. A shared professional conference room and 2 60” smart TV’s will be additional amenities for the employers using the space.

How We’ll Measure Impact

  • The number of start-up businesses that seek store front locations in Newton County.
  • The area organizations utilizing conference room for meetings throughout the year.
  • A waiting list for private office space rental.

The Outcomes

The coworking space willl serve as a professional working and meeting space for those starting a business, working from home, or that need additional private space.

It will also assist companies wishing to establish a footprint in Newton county with office space and mailing address.

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