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The Description

We will create and produce a podcast for residents of Jasper and Newton counties. Each episode will be professionally produced for quality and will be made available on several platforms including standard channels for podcasts. The original hosts of the podcast will be Brienne Hooker (President of the Jasper Newton Foundation) and Stephen Eastridge (Director of Economic Development for Jasper County).

Throughout the year, they will have segments discussing what’s going on in Jasper and Newton counties, will have guests from the area talking about different events or news, projects announcements and conversations about rurla issues. The name of the podcast is Roots and Graffiti.

Listen to Roots and Graffiti Here

How We’ll Measure Impact

  • Number of Downloads
  • Social Media Buzz

The Outcomes

To see communities engage in conversations about local topics and to change the narrative around rural communities for the positive.

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