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The Description

At the foundation of the needs that we have, physiological needs are the most crucial. And yet, we’ve seen an increase in our communities of families lacking access to basic supplementation that is so important for developing and sustaining healthy individuals. As inflation has further increased food costs for the average home, access is only becoming a greater issue. It is for this reason that we propose LEAP – Local Food Meets Local Needs.

Working with Jasper Newton Foundation, NCEDC, and local producers, LEAP will ensure the needs of the most in need in our communities are met. Funding will come from Jasper Newton Foundation, LEAP, and other local producers.

How We’ll Measure Impact

Our assessment of impact will be the pounds of mean donated and the number of food pantries and families that are served by the partnership.

The Outcomes

With the partnership achieving it’s goals to feed the most in need in our communities, we expect to see improved assess to nutritious protein options, improved diversity in food options available to the community, and would like to see expanded opportunities for local agriculture resource partnerships.

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