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The Description

Staddon Field has been a pillar of the parks in Rensselaer. Many children and families have known it as a centerpiece of some of their defining years. But with time, it’s become necessary to upgrade Staddon to meet the needs of all populations and to maintain it’s role in the lives of our community. To that end, we propose the following upgrades and enhancements to Staddon Field:

  • New playing surface
  • New foul poles
  • Convert existing announcer stands into concessions
  • Upgrade current restrooms
  • Create an ADA-accessible restroom & seating area

To achieve this, we’ll be partnering with a handful of organizations including RBI, City of Rensselaer, and the Rensselaer Parks Department. We hope to secure funding through Jasper Newton Foundation, City of Rensselaer, RBI, IHCDA Patronicity, and Rensselaer Parks Department.

How We’ll Measure Impact

To measure the effectiveness of this investment, we expect increased year-on-year games to increase, concession sales to rise, and a greater satisfaction with the community’s recreational offerings.

The Outcomes

With the upgrades and enhancements in place, we expect to see an increased attendance from senior citizens and mobility challenged individuals. As RBI is able to generate more revenue from concessions, we expect to see a lower participation cost for the community to engage in activities. We also expect to see more events held a the park, resulting from both the enhancements and lower cost. Lastly, we look to the future wherein a Foundation Park is developed as a “third place” for gatherings and community events.

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