Luis: The Beginning

Luis, Stories|

Luis is proud of Langly Works, a family-run glass manufacturing operation that goes back decades. He runs two... Read More → Luis: The Beginning

Karley: The Beginning

Karley, Stories|

Like many college graduates, Karley returned to her hometown after graduating from college. She needs to save... Read More → Karley: The Beginning

Trevor: The Beginning

Stories, Trevor|

Farmer, Entrepreneur, 35 Trevor grew up with farming in his blood. His father, grandfather, and... Read More → Trevor: The Beginning

Sara: The Beginning

Sara, Stories|

To escape an abusive partner, Sara moved to Rensselaer from South Holland to raise her 10-year-old son Cale... Read More → Sara: The Beginning

Maggie: The Beginning


Maggie lives with her husband Henry and their 4-year-old daughter Emma in Kentland. While Henry works... Read More → Maggie: The Beginning

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